Family Ministries: Care Plan
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Developmental Information

We desire to give every child an excellent experience. This care plan will help our team serve your child best. Complete all sections that apply.
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My child uses an Epi-Pen
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Administration and use of Epi-Pen

By signing, I ( ) agree to waive and release any and all liability for CedarCreek Church in the administration and use of the Epi-Pen. I agree to forever release and discharge CedarCreek Church and its staff and volunteers from any and all liability, claims, actions, rights of actions, damages, and expenses, including attorney expenses, arising out of or resulting from any injury, disease, or death in the use, failure to use or the administration of the Epi-pen. If my child cannot administer the Epi-Pen themselves, I allow CedarCreek Church staff and volunteers to administer the Epi-Pen.