Bookstore & Cafe

Come in and enjoy a fresh cup of coffee, a latte, and a book during these hours at the Perrysburg Campus :

Saturday – 4pm-8:30pm
Sunday – 8:30am-2:00pm

Direct phone number – 419-661-8674

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Download a free copy of Lee’s book:

Church Marketing Works and Jesus Likes It (https://www NULL.smashwords
(and other Contrarian Church Leadership Ideas)

Starting a church plant or leading a church can be hard. Every church plant or those with leadership responsibilities are looking to effectively grow their church. As Christians, we were commanded by Jesus to fulfill the great commission. The mission was simple when CedarCreek Church started in 1995, and it is still simple today. Move people to love Jesus, serve others and tell the world about Christ. Why not share the leadership, marketing and innovative knowledge that has been gained for the greater good of our mission to be like Jesus? At CedarCreek’s 15 year celebration, Bill Hybels proclaimed that what CedarCreek was experiencing was not normal for a church to experience. Most churches in America don’t get to witness as many life changes that they have been astonished by, ever!

In this book, Lee will explain how God used him to grow CedarCreek into the 48th largest church in the United States, according to 2013 Outreach magazine. He will share many innovative ideas that worked for him and those that did not. This book is designed to inspire and encourage church leaders and church planters in their mission to grow the “local church into being the hope of the world.”

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