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First time here? Relax… Our goal is to help you grow in all areas of faith and we honestly believe trusting God with your finances is a big deal. It’s often not easy but is one of the most important steps in giving God control of your life. Did you know the Bible speaks 2X more on money and possessions than it does on prayer and faith combined? In fact, 15% of Jesus’s teachings revolved around money and possessions. That’s more than He spoke about heaven and hell! God knows our hearts are deeply tied to our checkbooks for a sense of trust and security.

When you are ready to take that step, we want to make it as convenient as we can to help you be obedient to God’s call. To learn more about online giving, click here. It’s SECURE, efficient, and can SAVE you TIME. You can make one-time or scheduled gifts. You can use cards or your checking account. Complete the initial account setup and you will be able to log-in any time to adjust your contributions and view your giving history, or you can give quickly without an account. You can even give via text messaging.

  • For Week Ending 08/21/2016:
    Fiscal YTD Giving: $1,389,288
    Fiscal YTD Budget: $1,552,000
  • Text to Give
    You can give via SMS text messaging from a cell phone. Instructions can be found here.

    We know not everyone prefers to carry cash or checks these days, so in addition to online giving or cell phone text giving, electronic credit/debit card donations can be given at any of our campus locations via a giving kiosk found in the lobby.

    Other Methods
    If you want to bless family and loved ones while benefiting the work of ministry, and/or if you are interested in alternative methods of donation such as giving property, stocks, or other assets, Planned Giving may be the answer. Planned Giving encapsulates creative giving strategies: estate planning, wills, real-estate, IRAs, etc… Find out more here (http://cclegacy

  • If you Sponsor a Child with one of our partners in Latin America you can now make your monthly donation online. Click the “Give Online” button above, and select the Fund: Sponsor Child and SubFund: La Ceiba, Honduras (or wherever your child lives). If you are interested in Sponsoring a Child you can learn more here and we will get you paired up with a child in need.
  • We also know it’s not easy to participate financially at times if you don’t know where the funds are going. We offer an open-book policy with our finances. We voluntarily submit to a third-party audit yearly, have strict regulations on how funds are handled, and our financial board is comprised of local business men and women who are not compensated by the church. On top of that, our budget is voted on yearly by the members of the church! Integrity is crucial to our operations. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Want to know more? Check it out!

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