We believe that when you use your unique gifts and talents to serve God, you will not only be a blessing to others, but you will be blessed in ways that you cannot even imagine! Giving of yourself is an important part of your own spiritual development and a discipline we know will strengthen you in your own walk with God. Serving with the ‘Creek – both inside and outside of our walls – is one of the many ways we all truly Live for More! Join us in carrying out this important mission right here in our community!

There are hundreds of ways to serve here at the ‘Creek, with times varying from weekly to monthly. Click on your campus link below, fill out your information and someone will contact you soon!

I’d like to serve at…
South Toledo
West Toledo

We are all uniquely designed by God. If you are interested in discovering your gifts and a little more about who God invited you to be, click here to take the Spiritual Gifts Assessment.

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