Baptism Sign-Up

If no, you will be asked to upload one.

Please upload a decent sized head shot. No full body or studio portraits please.
There will be no spontaneous baptism for children grade 5 and below.
In order to be baptized at CedarCreek Church, a child must be able to articulate his/her understanding of personal salvation and the meaning of baptism. We would love to prepare your child for our next baptism on November 16, 2014 at our Findlay Campus. Please discuss this with your campus's Cedarville Director.

In the space below, write five or six sentences describing your spiritual journey and why you want to be baptized. Try to address the following:
  1. What was life like before you accepted God's grace? What were you "worshiping"?
  2. How/When did you come to the place where you decided to ask Jesus to be your Savior?
  3. Why would you like to be baptized?

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